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My Google Calendar does not sync to my TickTick Calendar View
Hi! I have this problem where I authorised my Google Calendar to my TickTick and even though I always allow it to show on my Calendar, it does not appear anyhow. I tried the TickTick web version and did the same steps to allow Google, it went well. Please help. Thanks!
Same issue here
Hey guys,

What is your device and app version? Are all the events missing or just part of them? Are they recurring ones?
My Device is MacBook Air mid 2013 version and my app version is 3.2.61. Almost all events are missing and usually most of them are recurring ones.
My recurring events from Google Calendar don't show up in calendar view ; ) Also, any way to speed up the sync (i.e. real-time) when I add an event or change the time? Is there any way to see past calendar events - they seem to disappear from view, too. Thanks!
Hey there!

Currently, it is designed to only display the subscribed events from Today to the Next 3 Months.
Btw, are you using macOS? Technically there is some discrepancy between the iOS and macOS rules to pull data from Google Calendar ends. Up till now, only the first cycle of the repeating events can be synced in macOS, so it will show fewer ones than the other ends.
Could that be the reason?
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