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TickTick update contains Trojan
Bitdefender Total security
tick_win_setup_release_3263.exe.part is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.32697784 and was moved to quarantine
Same message for me !
Same message for me, too.
Just sent to TickTick the same message in feedback. Got the same message from Bitdefender then I was installing update to TickTick.
Guys, did you made full system scan after that? I got file quarantined by BD, but then I ran fullsystem scan, Bitdefender Total Security crashed whuile doing it. Running it now second time and it still crashes then scanning C:\Windows\Installer\141b79a.msp=>(Embedde cannot see what goes after that, as it's not displayed longer.
I got the same message. copied the quarantined file to an external drive, then deleted from main system and ran a full system scan with BD. Came up clean - no issues found. Also got clean reports from 2 other anti-malware applications scans. Sent message to ticktick via feedback. Initial evidence suggests a false positive so I also submitted a copy of the update exe that triggers the BD message to BD support for them to eval the file to see if its a false positive. If its safe and the message is a false positive - BD says will update the signature database within 72 hours to prevent the false warning moving forward. For now i am not updating Ticktick until get replies from TickTick support and BD.
After having problems with launching TickTick, the TickTick team advises me to install this update, but I am afraid of doing that given the fact that this could contain a Trojan...

But still no answer from the TickTick team here...
Guess we have to wait a little for team to check this out. I ran yesterday many full system scans also with different AV programs, none of them found virus, but I have to admit, that only Kaspersky AV did probably true full system scan, all other scanned only very basic OP system folders. Yesterday, at first I was quite troubled that BitDefender did crashed 2 first times in the same Installer folder as I described before, but later full system scan attempts with BD crashed on different files. So hopefully it is BitDefenders bug?, not virus. Although I'm still paranoid. For now I have uninstalled TT from PC and running it only from phone or site. Hopefully it’s false positive detection by BD, as BruinsGuy wrote.
Hey guys,

We have relaunched a new version online, could you please download it again?
Well now I cannot even download file:). BitDefender blocks download. I think you should do cooperation with the BitDefender team to solve this problem. From my side im paranoid and im refusing to accept risks and download file.

Dangerous page blocked for your protection

Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.
I understand the risks, take me there anyway
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