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Sort by list no longer Groups by Folder
Sort by list no longer groups by folder for me as of today. All my lists are alphabetically intermingled instead of being alphabetically sorted inside of Folder hierarchy respecting.

This has made a complete mess of tracking my tasks. I use folders to group by order of my day, project type and overall importance so I can work from top to bottom
Hey, Arian!

Could you please include the exact steps you took in the app? A clip would be more helpful for us to locate the issue and avoid getting wrong about what do you refer to.
Hey I attached a screenshot. It's really simple. On Android 9, Samsung Note 9+, I have folders and lists.

Folder examples:

Inside those folders I have lists like this:
-AZ Escalations
-AZ Privacy
-AZ otherStuff

Lists like "Photography" are mixed into my AZ folder lists.

AZ Escalations
AZ Privacy

This just started yesterday on Android. Totally killing my workflow.

When I sort by sort by lists, I want the ability to have it grouped by Folder. This used to be the default. On both of my Windows 10 devices, this is still how sort by List works by default.

Thank you.
Any feedback?
Hello, any updates on this? I've sent screenshots.
Hey Carol, do you understand the issue now? This is driving me nuts. I have everything in super high resolution WQHD on my Note 9+ and I keep accidentally closing & opening tasks trying to toggle all the folders closed that shouldn't be mid-list.
Looks like the Android sort order is fixed as well, thank you very much.
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