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Different 'to do list' for each set of a recurring task.
Hi all,

Every week I have multiple recurring task, e.g 'monday work (10am-2pm)', monday afternoon work (4pm-7pm), etc.
If I add a 'to do' description for a certain week, that certain description comes into every 'monday work' task. It isn't limited to the specific day block for which I wrote this. Also when that block is completed, i.e. when I ticked it off, the task description remains the same...

It would be more sensical for me to limit the description to a certain weekly task, and not to transpose it to all weeks.
This is because I want to plan different things for every block.
The point of tick tick is to organize better and have more oversight, right?
So if every week you have to do different things, but you work at fixed times (which is more better for your workflow, as proved by psychological research), it doesn't make sense to create new tasks every week for every instance. Instead you create a recurring task and then for each weekly set/task you describe what needs to be done, deadlines you have to meet etc...

However, now you can't make a distinction between different recurring instances, they all are part of the same task; so you see the same description in every weekly instance.
But if this monday I need to do X and by next Y, then Z, etc... I would have to write that out in the total description or make different tasks: but this is time consuming. In the latter case more obvious, but in the former as well: because now instead of just having to tick off weekly instances (showing a task is done), I have to create a sublists (which I have to view on every instance, reminding me of ALL my work, instead of just that which needs to be done at that time...), which I have to tick off on top of the weekly ticking of every instance of a recurring task (so more clicks then would be strictly required).

Does anybody know what I could do to manage this issue better without having to create a seperate task for every weekly instance. Did I miss something or could tick tick improve their service on this matter?


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