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Web and android interface lag for few seconds when deleting stuff from
Most of my day to day lists are more than 20 items. Lets say I am cleaning the list once a day.

So I open "Today" and from the moment I hit the check button till the lists gets re-rendered it is more than 3 seconds. Imagine doing that for 20 tasks and potentially to more than one list. Can you please have a look?

Hey Periklis,

What is your device and app version? Could you please take us a clip so the devs can look into it more clearly.
Hi Carol,

It is even reproducible in the browser (Chrome 78.0.39)

I will try to make a clip

So to sum till I make it: In a list i.e Today where we have more than i.e 30 items when I am clicking one item to check it, it takes about 3 seconds to make the 'todo items div' responsible again. I would say the UI is blocked till the deletion is persisted in the DB. At least thats what it feels like.
I am not very confident on recording my screen, though I am trying to do a bit of debugging.

This is happening on chrome, if the list has many recurring events and I am having a day view (it will happen when I look Tuesday on the mini calendar, not when looking list 'foo'). The profiler says it the frames re-draw takes a few seconds.

This is not happening in android (I suppose there is no DOM redraw in there).

Can you please have a look? If I want to clean a list with many recurent events it takes me more than 15 minutes
The lag is inexistent when there is no network.

So I am opening Tomorrow list
I disconnect from the Internetz
I clear out tasks that would take me about 5 seconds each
It is now done instantly

That leads me to think that the bottleneck happens when it tries to update the event's sequence on the server and reflect it back to the client.

Merry Christmas
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