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Web and android interface lag for few seconds when deleting stuff from
Most of my day to day lists are more than 20 items. Lets say I am cleaning the list once a day.

So I open "Today" and from the moment I hit the check button till the lists gets re-rendered it is more than 3 seconds. Imagine doing that for 20 tasks and potentially to more than one list. Can you please have a look?

Hey Periklis,

What is your device and app version? Could you please take us a clip so the devs can look into it more clearly.
Hi Carol,

It is even reproducible in the browser (Chrome 78.0.39)

I will try to make a clip

So to sum till I make it: In a list i.e Today where we have more than i.e 30 items when I am clicking one item to check it, it takes about 3 seconds to make the 'todo items div' responsible again. I would say the UI is blocked till the deletion is persisted in the DB. At least thats what it feels like.
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