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V5.3.1 - Notification is a mess on Android 10
First of all, after this update, the notification black colour is now true black, it is worth the praise. However, there are several issues arisen.

See this photo:
I have disabled the pop-up, but it still shows pop-up notification, this occurred even my phone screen is locked.

See this photo:
The head-up notification shown stays there forever until I do something to dismiss it. It should disappear itself after few second. The previous version has the option to disable the notification to prevent it to stay on screen. But the option has now gone.

See this photo:
This is the settings in my app if this will help you debug. I'm using Pixel 3 with Android 10.

Please fix these bug. Thank you.
Sidenote: I have uninstalled, reboot and reinstalled TickTick. The issue still persisted. Thank you.
Hey Kevin,

Android Q officially made some tweaking of the Pop-ups mechanism for which we have to revamp notification patterns. So sorry for the bad experience, the product team has been looking into it now, we will try our best to adjust it in the future updates.

Thank you for taking the issue to the development team. Have a nice day.
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