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Let List of To-Dos Reset for the next day
I have a Daily Routine. It is just a Task with sub tasks.
Sometimes i forget to check some of the subt asks and the next day i have to confirm everything so the "next-day-task" appears. But i don't want to confirm those because I didnt do them. I would like to know if i can Track the things i didn't do. let them "stay undone" and start the To-Do task for the next day with resetted subt asks?

I hope you understand what i mean. If not please contact me.
Hey Andi,

Got you.

Sorry that we currently do not have an immediate plan to support this feature yet, but I will pass your feedback as a feature request to the product team for further evaluation asap.
Hi Carol thank you very much,

If necessary i can write a Use Case and a Requirement for this, so you can understand my request better.

Greetings and a wonderful day
Sure! That would be great.
Feature Request - Routines

Unfortunately i can't add pictures here.
The feature would be something like this.

Suggestion 1

-Create a normal To-Do (Task)
-make it to a repetitive taks (daily, monthly, yearly)
-Enter edit mode of description
-click on the icon with 3 lines to create subtasks
Now somehow (i don't know where you would place it)
ask the user if the subtasks should be resetted the next day?
I'd prefer to make it as a check box.
if a task is not done the user does not need to see this actively. The user can go and check when and which task he/she has not done.

Suggestion 2
Make a completly new kind of Task
A "Daily Routine Item" where you can fill it up with sub tasks.
Undone tasks can be tracked easily.
If a task was forgotten then the user should be able to edit them also.

TickTick providesthe ability to create routines which are resetted the next cycle.
Cycle = daily, monthly, yearly.

I hope you understand it. If any questions appear during the user story kickoff please contact me.

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