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How to make Kanban view columns wider
How to make Kanban view columns wider
Sorry we currently do not support resizing the column width yet.
This would be a very helpful feature, do you plan on implementing that? Currently I have 3 very narrow columns and a ton of empty space.
Sorry that we currently cannot give a certain answer yet.
+1 on this improvement. I think I'd make much more use of the Kanban view if I could better view my tasks and use the space more effectively.
Another +1, because there's only space for a few words at most, sometimes only two.
I am new to this and trialing it as I have used Wunderlist for years... I also need to know how to make the column wider... Also, how do I resort the Overdue, today and week order... I have done it in Profile and chosen Bottom, but it doesn't seem to save it.. Keeps jumping back to the top each time you open it..
The solution isn't to make the columns wider (most other kanban apps have fixed-width columns) but to make the text flow into the next line.
Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll note it down as well for evaluation.
I agree. I use Kanban quite often in other tools for work. I find the ability to only see the first few words of a task or goal somewhat limiting. I would use this feature more if the words wrapped or the columns could be widened.
there is also some UI issue with the kanban board. I think certain areas can certainly be improved such as the line of text in each task card. Like what Phil and Oscar have suggested, improvement on word wrapping will definitely allow people to make better use of kanban board feature. I cannot wait for the phone version of the kanban board. If ticktick makes its kanbard as smooth as trello, I think that will be superb.
The solution isn't one size fits all. Both text wrapping (already available on web) + column width adjustment (this is 101 level stuff) can be had.
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