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Email Validation Bug Preventing Login
I created my account for Ticktick via a web browser (as apposed to one of the native mobile apps) where the email address I used, of the form `<local--part>`, was allowed. However, when I now attempt to sign into the native mobile Ticktick app on my Android phone with the aforementioned account, I'm met with a validation error asserting that I've entered an invalid email address (where I suspect the issue is that the TLD of my address is `.email`) —my address *is* valid, btw.
Sorry, currently it is a part of the design that special characters are not allowed in the account name.
Carol, what's the "special character" here? And it's clearly not a part of "the design" (or, at least "the design" isn't implemented uniformly across clients) given the email address is permitted without issue when login and signup with the address is done via the web app. Additionally, my email address is my email address; what sort of user experience design is it to arbitrarily disallow a perfectly valid address? Do you expect the user to go signup for and maintain a whole new mailbox with some webmail service provider or whatever for the sole purpose of being able to use Ticktick's Android app? That's absurd. I was prepared to upgrade and pay for the premium tier of the application, but this won't do.
Ahh, I think I see what you were referring to by "special characters", Carol: the angle brackets (<, >) of my original message. Well, those're not to be interpreted literally; they're commonly used to indicate a placeholder. In this case for the local-part of my email address (since I'm not going to post my actual email address on a public forum to be crawled and spammed by bots). My actual email address is alphanumeric with hyphens and no other character types except the required `@` delimiting the local-part from the domain and the `.` delimiting the second-level domain (in my case `thatone`) from the top-level domain (in my case `email`). Like I said, I suspect your validation bug has to do with the TLD of my email address: `email`.
Sorry for the delayed response. I did get you wrong before. Could we request a screenshot of your account profile on the web and the error message you received on the mobile device?
No worries.
Carol, good day. Any word on this?
Sorry for the delayed response due to non-business hours! We just found there is "---" in your registered email. So sorry it is currently against the login rule settings of the mobile device.
You don't support hyphens, something commonly featured in email addresses?
(Btw, mine features two of 'em, not three as you quoted.)
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