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Due dates shown differ from what is entered
I've noticed something a little odd when I go to set a due date for a task with smart parsing enabled. The app will usually change whatever I have entered to 1 increment before it.

For example, if I set something due on 10/3 at 6pm, it will get changed to be due on 10/2 at 5pm once the task is added.

I think I've mainly encountered this problem when using smart parsing and quick adding a task, but I haven't paid enough attention to notice if it also does this when I set a date and time through the calendar button as well.
Hey Kayla,

We have been aware of the issue. What is your device and app version?
Could you please tell us your system timezone and where you are based in?
I’m using a MacBook Pro (2014) running OS 10.13.6
The app version is 3.2.10
My system time zone is EST and I’m based in the Carolinas
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