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Smart Date Parsing Override
I had a question about if it's possible to override the smart date parsing when inputting a new task?

My use case is if I have a task like, "Buy groceries for Friday", the smart date parsing will schedule it on Friday. However I want it to show up for today, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to override it (for instance, todoist will get rid of the scheduling if you backspace after it recognizes a date). It's kind of a pain to have to click through to the task, and reschedule it manually.

I also don't want to turn off smart date parsing entirely, because there are other tasks where it is helpful to use.
Hey Mike,

You may go to Settings > Task Quick Add > Smart Recognition > Remove Due Date/Time.
I'm not sure you understand what I'm asking. I don't want to disable it completely. I want the ability to remove due date/time on a case-by-case basis. See this todoist help faq for an idea of a feature I'd want:
Sorry for getting you wrong! I have noted it down as a feature request. Currently, a half-way solution is to tap " Today Buy groceries for Friday".
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