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Can not shift tasks on calendar [bug]
When i arrange tasks on my calendar from a particular time slot to a different time slot, the task box can not be shifted anymore after a particular time of the day. For example, say my task is scheduled between 11:00 - 13:00 - Now i want to shift it to 18:00 - 20:00, but the task box is blocked till 16:00 and can not be moved further. Arranging tasks feature on the calendar is superb but an impediment like above lowers the quality of your product. And this bug has been persistent for quite long, please update as soon as possible.
Maybe this is not a bug and there is another reason why the task box can not be moved further, please acknowledge me if i have misunderstood it.
And the behaviour is random. There is no logic why the task box is blocked at different points of time. Also when i refresh the page, the task box is not blocked anymore and is free to move, which also makes it more plausible that it is a bug.
This is about shifting the task box by dragging the box from one place to another.
Hey there,

Are you referring to the web version? Could we request a clip in case we get you wrong?
Yes i posted this request in the web version already - so yes it refers to the web version.
I am sorry i don't have any screen-cast software installed. Please try to mock it in your environment or something ? Or any other way i can help you solve this bug ? Because this bug is really irritating.
any update on this ?
I have a clip if you require it. Please send me details how to send it to you.
Thanks !
Hey there!

Sorry for not being able to mock it in our environment, could you please send us the clip along with the forum post to We will get back to you asap.
Sent !
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