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Completely ignore and stop messing with native iOS Reminders
I've seen a couple other threads near this, but no definitive conclusion. TickTick support, on those threads as well as directly to me, has given invalid answers, referencing menu items in settings that do not even exist!

My goal: remain a TickTick Premium subscriber (I'm considering canceling over this), and keep using TickTick, but have TickTick ABSOLUTELY IGNORE and in NO WAY mess with ANY Apple Reminders (native) tasks. Totally. Separate.

Just have TickTick be its thing. Have Reminders be its thing. Absolutely zero awareness or integration between them. Never, ever, touch each other's data: don't import it, delete it, change it, display it--nothing. Leave the other app's data alone.

As it is now, any time I launch TickTick at all, the launch of it completely wipes out all data in my native iOS Reminders app. Gone. (There's a settings menu item to do an on-demand import as well, but that's not the point here--I'm not running that. I'm saying merely LAUNCHING TickTick on the phone wipes out Reminders' data and moves it to TickTick).

Anybody aware of any way to have TickTick 100% ignore, and leave alone, ALL Reminders app data at all times, or is this likely something I'll need to cancel over?
Hey Dan,

Sorry for the unnecessary trouble we brought to you before. You may enter Settings on the phone > find TickTick > disable Reminders.
WOW, thank you, Carol! That was it!

So simple. I'd been scouring TickTick's in-app settings but missed this right there from Apple Settings -> TickTick.

It's working great!

Thank you very much.
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