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Templates: Confusion
I really appreciate the new template feature and have been using it intermittently. However, I feel confused about one thing. When I save a current task (along with subtasks) as template, the app asks me to name the template. I had assumed that it would only name the template. But upon using this, I have found that the app changes the name of the existing task as well. For example: I have a task, named : "Ask the co-ordinator" containing many subtasks with reminders. Now, when I save this task as template and give it the name "Queries", the system saves the template by the name "Queires", but changes the name of the existing task, as well, to "Queries". I don't need to change the name of my existing task, only the name of the template. Is this how it has been designed or am I missing something?

I have used this only on Android, BTW.
I have been searching and googling for how to use templates, does it not exist on Mac or iOS yet?
Same question ^
Same question ^
My experience:
To create a template, you have to make sure you have gone into your settings and allowed templates.
After creating a task with multiple steps, I click on the dots in the bottom right and get to make the template and name it.

However, to use the template, I have to go to settings, go to templates and then copy it and it goes to my inbox. What the heck? There has to be a better way. Write some documentation now. This is too important to not have directions for it.
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