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Android app insists on linking Google account
For quite some time now I have been struggling to use the Android app, as it prevents any and all interactions from the user if it's not authorized to associate to (and obtain data from) one's Google account. Rejecting the request does nothing but immediately reopening the same permission request over and over. I recorded this behavior and put it at for you to see.
Could you please kill the app in the background and re-open it again, see if it works?
Tried it. Didn't change anything.

Then I tried erasing all data, so that I could "reset" it, login again etc. But weirdly enough that didn't log me out (and nothing changed regarding the Google account issue).

So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. And then it gets creepy: when I reopen it after the fresh install, I'm still logged in! How come?

Regarding the Google account issue, I get a different behavior: instead of the Google account linking authorization screen, I get an internal TickTick warning that says "Need "get account" permission to find Google account on the device for Google login and Google Calendar subscription".

There are 2 options: cancel, or next. So I hit cancel. What happens? The same dialog immediately shows. It's like you can't use TickTick without giving it access to your Google account anymore. It's invasive and absurd. Not even for calendar subscribing it's necessary, as calendars can subscribe to using each calendar's direct link!
Worse: I have several calendars subscribed (they showed in the app until I uninstalled and reinstalled and still show in the web version). But they don't show anymore in the app!

And I installed to check how they do to integrate with calendars and they prove that there's no need for the account permission, as there is a specific calendar permission that doesn't require any account linking or access! So this seems like (an attempt of, in my case) abuse of permission request in order to acquire data that is not needed.
Correction: TickTick does have the calendar permission. It's buried deep, but it exists.

The problem was, and still is, the annoying insisting on getting permission to link to Google account! It does not respect the user's choice of not giving such permission and asks for it again and again and again and so on.
Feedback please..
Apologies for not getting back to you. The devs are still looking into it now. Could you please include some details on the exact steps you did before this window pop-ups?

Besides, could you please log out your Google account at first > reinstall TickTick > try it again?
There are no steps before the endless popups appear. I simply open the app and they come up, one after the other.

You want me to remove my Google account from my device? I am not going to do that, first because it's not Google who is causing this, second because if I have no Google account on my device I can't install apps using the Play Store.

I think the issue is that there is code in TickTick Android app that asks repeatedly for Google account permissions. Simply accept when the user rejects and don't ask for it anymore. It's the obvious solution IMO.
I'm getting the same problem. Is there a fix?
Fixed: I need to ask for "help" sooner. I logged out of the current google account login and re-logged in with my "same" google account email (not the phone's Google account).
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