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Integrate with MacOS 'Send to' option
Add support for MacOS 'Send to' option (when right-clicking a file).

This way you can send a file to ticktick and it'll popup letting you fill out a todo, with the file already attached.

Hope you'll consider this.

All the best,
Indeed! It is a glaring omission in my opinion. You really need this! It makes work flow much easier.
Very important, please do
Hey there,
I will pass it to the production for evaluation.
But I have a little doubt about this feature.
If you don't mind, could you please take a screenshot to show us how to display this feature?
That's the easiest and fastest way to find us. "Send Feedback" is under Settings for mobile apps or Avatar for web/Mac/Windows apps. Thank you!
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what they’re referring to is equivalent to iOS’s “share sheet.” In MacOS it’s found under “privacy” in settings. (I think!)
Hi Mumu, I've sent it as feedback as well, with a screenshot of the share menu. ��
Yes! Safari integration to send web pages to TickTick with the title in the task description and the URL in the task notes! A clipping tool would be better.
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