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Bug: Cannot edit title of merge tasks
Discovered a bug in merged tasks today.


1) Multi-select tasks to merge
2) Merge them
3) One of the merged tasks will end up as the new task title. I don't want this, since it's actually a sub-task, so I cut and paste the new task title to a sub-task and return to the task title field to update the title to discover...
4) I can no longer edit the task title. I can edit the task description and add/edit sub-tasks though.

The hack around this bug is to edit the title BEFORE cutting and pasting the content away. However, I think one should always be able to edit a task title and not have to remember little workarounds such as this.
Sounds odd. What is your device and app version? More details about

Any error messages? Could you please clip it so we can look into it more clearly?
Oh sorry about that, this is happening on web (I usually use Firefox for Mac). There aren't any error messages that appear when this happens. Basically once I cut and paste away the title, if I don't type in anything before leaving that field, then I won't be able to edit it anymore.
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