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Tasks mysteriously marked as done
Several times now a task has mysteriously marked itself as done without me ever completing it. This happens with both one-time tasks and recurring tasks (the recurring tasks jump ahead to the next recurrence). I almost missed doing an important task today because it had fallen off my list. Looking back at the history, I supposedly marked it complete on Saturday, but I know I didn't actually do that.

Is there anywhere I can get more detailed logs to try to figure out what's going wrong?
Hey there,

What is your device and app version? Could you recall when does the issue start from?
I access TickTick from Chrome on Mac (just the website, not the plugin) and from v5.2.51 of the iOS app running on an iPhone XS Max. I can't remember when I first noticed the issue but it was probably within the past few weeks.

Are there debug logs that show when a task was marked as done and from which device? That might help me narrow down what's going on.
You may click the task > tap the three dots on the bottom right corner in the Task details page > Task Activities and see when it was marked done?
It looks like that feature isn’t available unless I sign up for premium...
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