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Mac Menu Bar helper has wrong count - annoying
Hi, I have the number 641 showing in the menu bar helper as if I have 641 tasks due today. I don't even have 641 tasks in all of TickTick. It only does this on my home computer, not on my work Mac. Is there any way to fix this?
Hey Loren,

What is your device and app version? Could you please take us a screenshot?
My device is a 2011 MacBook Pro running Mojave. The app is version 3.2.10. Also, when it's open it doesn't allow me to see it in the app switcher (the cmd-tab shortcut), use the menus when I have ticktick in the foreground, and the app doesn't even show as open in the dock.

How do I submit a screen shot? I don't see any file attachment feature.
You may contact us via with this link attached.
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