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Android client not syncing
I'm using the mac client for my daily work. The changes made on the mac client are being synced on the web client, but not on my android client, which is not syncing. I tried reinstalling the app but the issue persists.

My Android is a Samsung Galaxy S8 upgraded to the most recent version.

Please let me know how can I solve this issue.

I've just did a logout and login, and now I've the sync working again. This is very annoying, it shouldn't happen. Is there some known issue about this? I've noticed there are several users having the same problem with their Android devices.

Hey Javier,

There sometimes exists syncing delay for certain interactions you made in one device.
It may take a little bit longer time to sync completely. Currently automatically resyncing is still not so perfect in TickTick, but we have noted your request down and try to make it more seamless and convenient in the future.
Sorry about that.
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