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Setting time with different languages
Dear Ticktick,

One of the most useful features, and one that ultimately made me decide to go premium with ticktick was its ability to set time in natural language.

ex) "10:30am tomorrow Write email to my advisor"

would result in setting a reminder at 10:30am the next day.

However, when I type the "task" in a non-English language, the time / date recognizition feature seems to get messed up. For example, when I type

“10:30am tomorrow 準備報告”

(also applies to Korean)

ticktick somehow "unrecognizes" the "am" and "tomorrow" part of the text (meaning that the color of the text turns from blue to white, and no longer recognizes the time correctly.

Can this be fixed? Thank you!
Hey there,

Currently, the date and time smart parsing feature are only available for Quick Task Add and only English supported. It is not applied in the existing tasks and sometimes will be messed up when multiple languages mixed together.
I see, thanks for the confirmation. No plans to fix it, I assume?
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