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latest ticktick update has added a step to the search function?
Iphone 6S, ios 13.1. ticktick v 5.2.51. updated last night. this morning when opening tick tick, first was a screen announcing that it may not be compatible with ‘this device’. then I found ‘search’ did not work at all. I reboot the phone. Now i find that search works, except that after typing search term I have to press ‘search’ to see results. previously, as I remember, search worked as I typed, producing results without having to press ‘search’.
Sorry, we indeed do some design tweaking in this update. Will pass your feedback to the product team for further evaluations.
thanks. I can't help but see this as a step backwards in functionality. I hope that they regress to its previous state.
Been 6 months! Been so long that now you can revert to ' search while typing' can call it an improvement, rather than call the current state a mistake. Are you going to fix this?
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