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Tasks should appear only during the time it is scheduled
I have a task that I have to work on every night. However, the whole day this task will be sitting in my Today list which is frustrating. I would rather have this task appear at the scheduled time for me to take an action on.

Please look into this and help as this is a very important feature.
Sorry, this is currently how it is designed. We'll bring this request up with our product team so they can consider this for future improvements.
Thank you for getting back. Would love for this to happen. Looking forward to the future releases!
@Adi...If you are asking for the task to remain hidden and appear in your "Today" list at the scheduled time, then it's an issue I can relate to. No solution/workaround at present. But just an aside, if you want the task to remain hidden, but only its reminder pop up at the scheduled time, there is a way. Create a new list for all such tasks, go to settings of that list and turn on the "Do not show in smart list". This way, the tasks in that list shall not show in Today, or Tomorrow or next 7 day lists, but you'll have the reminder pop up at the scheduled time. Please ignore this if you're already aware of this. Thanx
Thanks @Manthan. As of now that is what I have done for recurring tasks.

However for other tasks as well which i postpone, say to 3 hours down the time, I don't want to see them in my Today as of now since I have already taken an action. It should come after 3 hours in the Today list. This feature is missing and a very important one in that!
@Adi.. I guess what you're talking about makes eminent sense. A feature that hides the tasks until the scheduled time and then pushes them in the "Today" view will really be helpful.
Thank you @Manthan. I hope Tick Tick team feels the same way!
Hi @Manthan & @Adi,

I am achieving this with different approach.

I am using 3 tags viz., Morning, Day and Night and assigning tasks from 6 AM - 11 AM - in Morning tag, 11 AM - 7 PM in day tag and 7 PM - 11 PM in Night tag. The same way I created 3 smart lists viz., Morning, Day and Night with only Overdue and Today's tasks.

So, in the Morning I select Morning Smart List in the app as well as in the widget, and I can work on only morning tasks.

Also, I am sorting "By Tag" in today's view, which will show tasks sorted by tag.

Hope this helps.

Note: The only drawback is we need to keep in mind to assign respective tag while creating tasks. :)
@BalajiKeyYes... That's a good approach. I myself use tags for such purposes. But imagine a feature that hides your tasks till their scheduled time (A customisation, of course). Developers may create a separate setting named "Show hidden tasks", that will display all such tasks whenever turned on. And even in the "Search", you can tweak the settings to show even hidden tasks during search. I feel this would add a lot of value to the product.
@balaji Seems like doing a lot of workaround for a feature that's a must to be present in the basic application :)
@Adi, Yes, with the current design, I can do like this to achieve. :), Else developers has to work on Focus filter which is available in 2Do app.
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