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Where did the option to add new task to a List go?
For the latest few days there has been gone an option to connect new task to the specific List right from the bar. New I need to create it for inbox, then go to its details and choose a list. It's very inconvenient
You have to click on small triangle next to the date setting and click on "Add to Inbox". The list of lists will roll down. However, it is still much more inconvenient than before :-(.
Hey there,

Are you using the Android device? Try tap ~ to determine which list your task will fall in?
Jan, thanks for revelation! It wasn't obvious at all )

Carol, I'm talking about web version from PC.
It's curious what was the idea and added value to hide the lists under "to inbox" button. The bar looks wide enough to split main task's characteristics to maintain "the least steps to success" approach )
Sorry that we currently do not support this on the web version yet, but will pass your feedback to the product team and do an evaluation asap.
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