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Please remove surrounding whitespace from task titles.
When adding a task via the web interface that contains a tag, it often results in a leading or trailing whitespace in the task title.

For example, adding the task "Eat chocolate #amazing" results in the task "Eat chocolate " (notice the trailing whitespace) with the tag "amazing".

When viewing all tasks with the tag "amazing", the "new task" input field is pre-filled with "#amazing " (notice the trailing whitespace). Now when you input "Eat chocolate", the final text in the input field is "#amazing Eat chocolate" and the new task will have the title " Eat chocolate" (notice the leading whitespace).

All of this is bothersome, and could be super-easily fixed by stripping leading+trailing whitespace from the title when any task is created. I can not think of any use case where leading or trailing whitespace would be desired by the user. Could you please implement this?

Thank you very much.
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