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Tags issue
Tags when added in tasks , apart from displaying at the bottom of the task with a badge are also get added in the task's name which makes the name of the task messy since tags name are also displayed at the very end of the task's name...
Is this some kind of a bug??
This really is an annoying issue: when you enter a new task and want to tag it at the same time, e.g. "Review Sales Report #closing #budget", it does add "closing" and "budget" as tags (with badges) but keeps the hastag parts in the task name... so instead of appearing as "Review Sales Report", the task name remains exactly what was entered.

I make a heavy use of tags... and if I want to keep task names clean, every time I create a task I have to go back in the task name to manually remove the hashtag parts... I'm not going to keep using the product if that's not fixed quickly!
Thanks for the update, it is solved.
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