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Subscription not working
I recently downloaded ticktick, and wanted the premium features, I subscribed, and despite reloading the app multiple times and restarting my phone I still am seeing that I do not have the subscription in app. I do however have the subscription according to the App Store. Help?
Hey there,

Could you please go to the premium page in TickTick, scroll down to the bottom and tap the "restore" button, check if it is activated?
Hey! Thanks for the reply, I guess it didn’t actually go through on my phone for whatever reason, but when I downloaded and signed into the Mac app it didn’t show as premium so I tried it on Mac and it went through. Thank you for the suggestion though!
Also I should note, this app is really awesome, I’ve tried a plethora of task management apps and this one seems like the right fit for me, thank you.
Thanks so much!
Thanks so much!
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