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Pomodoro issue
The pomodoro measurement is not working properly.
Like , when I completed a pomo of 30 mins then instead of showing 0.5 hrs it is showing 0.4 hrs and after completing 4 pomos of 30 mins each, instead of displaying 2 hrs it is displaying 2.7 hrs...
Earlier it was working fine..

Thanks for reporting it. The devs will look into it asap.
There is another problem with pomodoro measurement.
In most focused hrs , No Data is displaying..
Youguys really need to fix the pomodoro..
Hey Shreyans,

Got it. We will get it fixed asap.
Let me elaborate the problem..
When I start a pomodoro through a task , then the measurement which is shown in the task is wrong (though not everytime) although the measurement in main section is accurate. Like just now when I completed an half hour pomodoro through maths then after completion the measurement displayed in maths was 0.4 but in main section it was 0.5...
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