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Google Calendar Event Bug on Web
Uh, so as of today my Google calendar feed in Tick Tick web is displaying all events one day earlier than what is actually scheduled. For example, if the event is scheduled on Saturday in GCal, it is displaying on Friday in Tick Tick. The mobile versions do not seem to be affected by this issue.
Hey Lina,

What is your device and app version? Could you please check the system timezone of the computer and your mobile device?
Hi Carol,

For web I use Mac - High Sierra and Mojave with Chrome and Firefox.
For mobile I use both Android and iOS.
My timezone is Pacific Daylight Time.
The time and date is set correctly on all systems involved.

It might be important that the affected events are all-day and multi-day events.

I should note that as of today some of the events in my Google calendar have also been moved to match the offset by one day. This has not occured uniformly across all future scheduled events though - so I believe that the Tick Tick calendar sync has also corrupted what was originally scheduled in GCal.
What are the time and recurrence setting of this Calendar?
Hello Carol,

If you are referring to the time zone of my Google calendars, they are set to (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time - Los Angeles. I don't have any recurring events scheduled.

Today I tried manually fixing the events by dragging and dropping them to the correct dates in Tick Tick web calendar interface, but when I refresh the events re-appear as they were before (1 day before what is scheduled in GCal).

The events that were corrupted so to speak (events that moved in GCal to match the offset present in TickTick) I corrected back to the original date. As of right now they are still correct in GCal but still offset 1 day prior in TickTick.

I am also having this exact problem on Windows Chrome since last week. All-day events are showing 1 day earlier. Timed events are showing correctly.
I just started having this issue as well for the past couple days. All my all day events appear in TickTick one day earlier than Google. I verified all of my time zone settings match. This appears to be just a problem in the web version and the iOS version is showing the calendar correctly.
First I apologize for English (I used Google Translate, I'm Brazilian and I don't write English very well).

The problem is not exactly the same, but it has everything to do with the topic topic and even, I believe it can help the developer team as it may be related issues.

In my Google calendar that is subscribed to TickTick, starting today, there are events from last year that had no recurrence, but only on TickTick Web, on Android everything is ok.
Just to share - I contacted customer support directly, and this is current response:

Thanks. We have been aware of this issue. The devs are working on it now. We will get it fixed asap.
Is there any ETA on when this will be fixed? I planned several tasks for the wrong day because all my "all day" events are off by one day.
After complaining a few times, I finally received this response 4 hours ago:

We will roll out a fixed version tomorrow if things run well. You may re-subscribe the calendar on all platforms after that and see if this is rectified on your end.
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