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How to export from notes GNotes?
Hi Gnotes support? I would like to export my GNotes notes from my iPhone or via the web browser log in. I'm currently not a Premium account holder.
Can you please assist? is the email and account that I use for GNotes.
How do I see my gnotes from my computer? I know my gnotes app has been syncing with something somewhere, but I couldn't find it or login from my computer using this link

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, ticktick don't care about gnotes user and there problems.

Let's all move to EVERNOTE.
They care!!
For real. I lost some VERY VERY important information because GNotes suddenly went poof with no warning. Don't switch phones thinking you can get your tasks from the cloud. I could not.
p.s. You can't see GNotes from computer. It's like they just took that away and stopped supporting it.

This is why I'm very tentaive in fully investing in to TickTick as who says they won't do TickTick users the same way.

p.s. NOTION is the way to go. :-)
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