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Bug - Tags in smart lists
Love the app. I'd be lost without it. So thank you for that.

There's a tiny issue, with the iOs app. I have created smart lists based on tags. So the smart lists shows me all the tasks that are due today or overdue and contain a tag #me.
When I am viewing this smart list on my iPhone and I enter a new task within that view, the task already has the tag #me; this is fine. But when I save the task, the tag doesn't disappear like it does on the mac app.
Can you fix this please.
I hope I was able to elaborate the problem clearly.
Hey Mitesh,

Could you please tap Settings > Task Quick Add > Smart Recognition > Remove Tags in Task Name?
Hey Carol,
Remove Tags in Task Name is on.
I turned it off and back on again; still no change.
This is odd. What is your app version? Could you please get it updated to the newest version?
Yup that did it. The update fixed it. I didn't look at updates because I had set my iPhone to auto update; the update had arrived 2 days ago! Sorry to have bothered you with this.
Thank you so much for your help, Carol, I really appreciate it.
Thanks for your updates!
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