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Ticktick now automatically includes reminders from Apple?
Since updating to iOS13 on my iPhone, TickTick now seems to import all my tasks from Reminders. I have kept TickTick for personal tasks and Reminders for work-related (so I don't get reminded about work when I get home :) ).

Is there any way to change so that these are not automatically imported from Reminders (the standard app on iOS) to TickTick?
Hey sramsen,

This is odd, did you click "Import Reminders" in the Settings?
I’m pretty sure I haven’t since I noticed it directly after updating to iOS 13. Does this go two ways, i.e. if I mark all as complete in TickTick they are marked as complete in my reminders app? If so, I guess I can remove them manually (only 15-20 tasks or so).
Sorry, currently it is designed only one way.
Thanks Carol - in this particular case this is a good thing! :) Have a nice day
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