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Notifications disappearing after midnight
I usually leave notifications hanging around so I can come back to them later and complete them. However I've noticed that if I leave them lingering and midnight rolls over, they seem to disappear.

I have a recurring daily task reminder at 11pm and two daily habit reminders at 10pm. Just now I observed at 11:59pm that all three notifications were in my notification drawer. I waited for the clock to hit 12, then after maybe 10s or so the notifications just left the drawer without any interaction from my part.

Is there some configuration that is causing this? I have already disabled battery optimisation for TickTick. My device is a Nokia 8 (TA-1012) with Android 9.
I've also noticed that in some cases the notifications do not disappear after midnight. However, if I complete one of them, then the other notifications will dismiss along with the completed one. I have no idea why and have not experienced this with any other task app.

I would really like to upgrade to premium for the unlimited habits but this behaviour just kills my workflow.
Hey David,

Sorry for the delayed reply. The devs are still looking into it. Will get back to you as soon as we figure it out.
Any updates here? Still happening regularly
I'm having the same issue. Please let us know if there has been any progress on a fix.
Same problem here. Any update?
I'm having the same issue, which is very frustrating because the entire reason I switched to TickTick was because my previous to-do app did this by design. If this issue doesn't get resolved I will have to change apps again.
I'm going through the same exact issue.
Notifications (that were purposefully left from the previous day) disappear overnight or during the next day when other new notifications come in.
(Google Pixel 3a - Android Version 10)

Any solutions?
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