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Play a sound when completing a task - windows

It would be amazing that if/when we check off things from our list if it would "ding" or make some kind of sound!

It's much more satisfying to complete a task if you're rewarded with a "ding!", and it makes me want to get the next task done too.

The mobile app already has it. I see no reason why the windows client/web version shouldn't.
Hey Ahmad,

We have added a task completion sound feature, you can hear a clear and melodics sound when you complete the task in the newest version now!
Hey Carol,

Where can I download the version ?
I have installed and when I "check update" it says it is the latest version.
Also, this link downloads the :

How do I update ?
Hey Ahmad!

I apologies for the mistakes. This feature won't be available until the 3.2.4 version. May keep you waiting for more days. Thank you!
Thanks Carol !
So how do those of us who don't want this, turn it off?
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