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Is there a way to force a sync?
I use the Android app and the web app. I usually schedule deadlines *before* something is really due so I can have the persistent notifications on my phone as a reminder. Then as I get work done I mark them as done and re-schedule any remaining tasks that I can leave for the next day.

I've noticed that if I change the date/time a task is due on the web app that my phone doesn't seem to update the due dates/times unless I actually open the app.

I've got battery optimization off and looked in the settings but didn't see any way to set intervals for the app to check for changed data. Is there a setting I missed perhaps? Or does the Android app only update when the app is open?
Hey there,

Sorry, currently you may have to manually sync it by opening the app due to technical constraints. We have been working on it to improve the synchronization function. Thanks.
Thanks I appreciate the quick and honest response. Glad to know it wasn't some setting I'd missed.
I do think it would be the most important feature to add :) it is indeed annoying to get a notification on the phone for a task you already put at "done" from the computer or on the contrary notified too late or not even once on the phone on a task you've changed the due date-time or created from the computer.

I once tried to use an automation android app (tasker) that kind of opened the app and closed it back every ##min. But this "tasker app" does not work on the long term (maybe the phone thinks it uses too much battery or something like that, I'm not the best guy to understand why).

Maybe that would be a quick win kind of stuff to do it ==> simply open and close the app every ## mins but managed from the TickTick app itself ?

Is there any "vote for this potential roadmap evolution" kind of stuff place where we could vote for this ?

Thanks for the info !
I submitted feedback in the app about it not syncing properly on a new Tab S6 and had no response to this serious bug.

All the data is out of date on the new tablet with done items from last year showing!
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