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Issue with notifications and vibration

I have noticed two issues with notifications and vibration in Android app so far:
1/ When selecting a time of reminder, each time I touch the screen to choose hour and minute of this reminder my phone vibrates. How to turn it off? It occurs even in silent mode.
2/ When my phone is set to vibrate only mode, notifications from TickTick do not force the phone to vibrate. When the phone is set to ring, there is a proper sound of notification.

My phone is OnePlus 6 if it changes anything.

Thanks for your help.
Thanks for reminding us! The devs will look into the issue and get back to you asap.
Any updates?
Could you please update to the newest version and see if it works well now?
First issue corrected but second not.
Hi Toma,

I can't see your full name. I have found solution about this lag.

Of course TickTick team didn't try to help because I believe they will take it seriously only if it is affecting a lot of their users.

Basically, just get rid of overdue tasks or clear their dates, and then your lag will be gone. I went from 3-4 seconds lag go no lag at all. No wonder this problem existed no matter which phone model I used, because all the tasks would get synced.

It's a shame that ticktick could not find and fix this issue. Now I hope they know it from this feedback and try to recreate this issue and fix it.


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