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Annoying Alert
To Whom It May Concern,

Hi, I'm just wondering if it's possible to turn on the "Annoying Alert" for just one specific task or a particular time the reminder is set to go off, as opposed to that setting being applied to all alerts. If not- why not? And is there anything you'd recommend to fill that function?

Zeke Luger

P.S. Further explanation in case my point isn't clear:

I'd like to use TickTick as my primary to-do/reminders app and subscribe, but with the way Annoying Alert works currently, I'm worried the annoying alert will go off when I'm in class, in public, or otherwise occupied for low priority tasks, or that I’ll miss reminders for tasks that need to be done immediately. For example, there's a medication that I have to take at a particular time of the day that I would like to use the Annoying Alert feature for because it's a short task and needs to be done within a few minutes of the alert going off (not a life-threating issue though, no worries). However, I don't want the Annoying Alert going off while I'm in class telling me about the homework that I should be doing at some point today.

Is there anything you'd recommend to fill that function other than setting an alarm on the iOS Clock app like I've been doing? Why does the Annoying Alert work that way? Would your team be interested in implementing such a change? Perhaps giving a task a "High Priority" label or maybe a new label like "Time Sensitive” or “Annoying Alert” or something could enable an annoying alert for the task's reminders.
Got you. This scenario has been noted down and the product team will do further evaluations.
Thank you! I'd really appreciate it.

Like literally, this would be the difference between me signing up for the subscription service or just giving up on the app.
Same for me
I would esp. like the alert to go off even when my phone is sent to silent, like an alarm clock. (If, for example, I need to leave a meeting early to pick up my kids, I need the alarm to go off loudly!)
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