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Notification sync
What i loved about ticktick is notification sync. So if i check off a todo on the web, the notification dissapare from the notification on the android phone. I just swiched to iphone, and here it does not work. even if i go into the app and compleate the todo, the notification for that task does not dissepare. I thought this was probably a restriction on ios, but i tryed out todoist. And todoist seams to have notification sync in order. So can you please add this to ios. This is essential for me to avoid seeing old tasks that I already finished in the notification drawer. without this im going to todoist am afraid.
Okay, we will note your feedback down and the team will have an evaluation.
Any update? I switched to todoist now. And thinking abou moving the family over. Miss ticktick. But cant stand having my notifications packed full with todos i already checked off on my work pc
Sorry, currently this is a little hard for us to make it sync all the platforms. The devs are working on to make it consistent. Thanks.
Dear TickTick,
I am facing the same issue.

I have TickTick app on iPhone and Mac. When I mark a task as completed on iPhone, notification for this task is NOT dismissed on Mac --- and vice versa.

So my day ends up with e.g. 30 notifications for tasks which have been either completed, moved or deleted, and are no longer relevant.

Please fix this bug.

Thank you for your answer.
Hey Jerry,
Sorry for the trouble.
We will try to optimize this feature in later versions.
@mumu - please, did you reach developers?
Are you going to change this behavior?

This is the biggest issue that keeps me on using Todoist.
Any eta?? I also want to move back from todoist. But this feature keeps me from doing that. Having 30+++ notification on all of my devices suks
@Ole -- I hope that they will release this feature soon.
Seeing notifications (which are no longer relevant) drives me crazy.
Yes! This is the only thing keeping me from using it. Dont understand why this dosent bother the devs and more other users, using the the app
I agree that this is frustrating and disruptive. @ole and @jerry, the solution I came up with was to turn off tick tick notifications on my mac (I really only need them on my phone). Perhaps that's an option for some of you while we wait for an update?
Yes i have done the same thing:) But if i have compleated 3 todos on mu mac/windows they still clutter my phone
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