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Hello, Love the app and have only been using it for a short time. The UI is great, and I prefer this over other apps of the similar nature. Could it PLEASE be possible that you bring the UI from completing habits into completing tasks? To clarify, the UI where you tap on a habit, and it enters full screen with a "slide to unlock" type bar down the bottom to complete the habit. This has to be one of the most satisfying parts of the app in my experience, and the design is gorgeous. Please can you bring the same to completing tasks? As silly as it sounds, it would give more incentive to complete tasks, though I can only speak for myself, rather than swiping or ticking the box. It would be great as a toggled option so we can choose between the two ways of completing tasks, etc.

P.S. Is there anyway that you can add a pomo timer with a website blocker to the chrome extension? Would be a great addition.

Many thanks and keep up the great work,

Hey Jye,

Thanks so much for your love. Your request has been noted down. The product team will do further evaluations.
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