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Calendar feedback
I can see my Ticktick tasks in my global Google-calendar as I wanted. But a problem is that the events generated by Ticktick in Google bounce back in my Ticktick calendar and today-list as tasks or appointments. If I have a task like, say, "Call Carlos" I will have a duplicate from Google with the same task, always pairs of any task.
How can I go around this problem?
Best regards

Hey Erico,

Currently no perfect solution for this issue. TickTick for now is not allowed to edit the calendar item imported from other calendars. One user used to encounter a similar issue and he solved it via deleting the Calendar sync and re-subscribing. Not quite sure if this workaround fits all, but probably can have a try.
Thanks, Carol. I will try that!
Solution to this if I understood correctly, is in ticktick under your subscribed gmail calendar, hide subcalendar.
I am trying it right now. Thanks JYF!
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