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Kanban Unresposive
Hey TickTick team,

thanks for being really responsive to issues coming up! I just ran into an issue with TickTick for Mac - in Kanban View (which I really like!) sometimes the tasks become unresponsive... you click on them, but the detail window doesn't open up. For some it does - for others it doesn't - which makes editing really hard.

Closing the program and restarting helps - but could you please look into what's causing this and find a solution? It does slow down the input process of tasks a lot, since you can't edit them easily, add tags etc.

Thanks guys, have a great week!!!

Hey Chris,

Sure. Thanks for letting us know. Could you please clarify the app version number with your Mac?
Does the issue still exist after you get it updated to the newest version?
Hey Carol, thanks for getting back! I'm on version 3.2.10 (110) - I'm assuming that's already the newest version? I think I have auto-update on
Got you. It is the newest version. Does the lag just exist in Kanban View? How about typing in the task description panel?
I can't get there. If I click on it, nothing happens - the task description panel (I'm assuming you mean the right third of the screen where you can edit tasks, add descriptions etc.) doesn't open at all.

It doesn't happen to all tasks, however, some of them work.

Normally, closing TickTick and restarting works. It's nothing that absolutely kills my workflow, just a little annoying - so i figured it'd be good bringing it to your attention.
Got you. The devs will pay attention to the issue.
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