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Import Failed. Sorry, failed to import your tasks from Todoist to Tick
i use todoist (currently v14.4.1, android 9) and i tried to import my data into ticktick (v5.2.1). i tried it on windows in a browser (chrome 76, ublock and privacy badger both disabled on the 2 websites) as well, but i got the same error. both android and the browser were "importing" for several minutes then dropping this error. i tried in linux mint (18, chrome 74) too, same error. obviously not on the browser side.

i dont think i have anything fancy in todoist. i have notes, but no formatting (i have url's though which generate previews in todoist)

do you know a solution for this? i would like to try ticktick for a few weeks (and possibly upgrade to premium if i switch), no success on the first run though. thank you
Could you please check if the imported data from todoist is formatted with CSV files?
ticktick did not ask me for a csv file but asked access to my todoist account. so it seems like getting the data straight from todoist not via csv files.
ahh, now i know what you ment! it was "Import Data from other apps \ todoist" and not "import backup". do they use the same csv format/order? i will try that in the evening.
ticktick has an import button for todoist and wunderlist, and import backup button for a few others (including wunderlist but not todoist).
Yes, when importing tasks using a CSV file you must stick to a specific format that TickTick can recognize. Download this template and modify it to ensure that you don’t encounter any issues when importing your tasks.
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