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List creation flow improvements
When I create a list and want to add some tasks, every task I add with enter opens the right-side window with the description text box, which is not ideal as I then need to click the back arrow between every task. Would be nice to have a setting to disable this (so new tasks just get added and I can type a new one right away) and most importantly I should be able to close the side window with Escape key, so I don't need to reach for my mouse every time!
Thanks for your feedback. Will pass them to the product team and do further evaluations.
I already suggested this to them some time ago via email
Some other ideas I thought of:
1. Allow moving subtasks in kanban view
2. Have an option to expand a task with subtasks into the main list (so they become normal tasks)
3. Same as no. 2 but that they just are visible and indented, so you can see them (especially in kanban)
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