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Import from Todoist is failing
Hello, I just purchased a premium subscription, and would like to migrate my tasks from Todoist. I have tried using the import tool from both the web and android apps, but it just fails. Nothing is imported, it just spins for a few minutes and then fails with no details provided. The messages says "Sorry, failed to import your tasks from Todoist to TickTick, please try again later." I tried last night and again now.

In Todoist, I did have nested projects/lists that were 3 layers deep which I thought could be causing the issue. I reorganized my Todoist to match the capabilities in TickTick, so it is now just folders with the lists directly underneath (one level deep only). I am not sure what else might be causing the problem. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
Hey Stephanie,

Could you please double-check if your imported tasks from todoist are formatted as the CSV files?
I am having the same problem!
I really want to switch to ticktick but every time I try the importer it starts spinning and doesn't do anything.
I tried also adjusting my folders so that they are only Lists and tasks 1 layer deep but still not working.

There are no CSV files it just connects automatically to Todoist.
Hi Carol, thanks for your reply. Same as Ahmad, I am using the built in import tool in Ticktick under Settings > General > Import > Import Todoist. Then it redirects me to Todoist's login page to authorize access, then spins and fails.

If there is another way to first export from Todoist, and then import to TickTick, I am happy to give that a try. I do not know how to do that though, as I thought the automatic import tool was the best / only way. Thanks.
Same for me...import from Todoist doesn't work.
BR Manfred
+1 for failing todoist import. I just paid for premium too and just can’t face recreating everything from todoist. Is a fix coming?
Update! I got the Todoist import to work after much trial and error. In Todoist, I had used a forward slash (/) in one of my labels and one project, and certain characters aren't allowed in TickTick tags and lists. I would go through your lists and rename things in Todoist (even temporarily) to eliminate the following characters, and then try the import again.

List name can't contain \\ / ' " : * ? <> and |
Tag name can't contain \\ / ' " # : * ? < > | Space

I *don't* think it matters if you flatten your project lists to only 1 layer deep, as all of my projects came into TickTick as a single layer anyway (no folders were created automatically). Hope this helps other people-- error messages would be really useful!
To add-- it appears none of the tags came over which is unfortunate. Not sure if that is supposed to work or not, but all of my tasks, projects, due dates, etc. did carry over. If someone from support could please confirm what the required steps are, what it does and doesn't do, what are common errors, that would be super helpful. This is a lot of manual effort for me to test your product, to even consider paying for it.
Nice catch Stephanie!
I actually just went over and manually entered everything into ticktick. And it is only while doing that I found that there are prohibited characters. (I also had a deck containing "/" so I'm guessing that was the reason it failed)
I wish you had spoken sooner T.T
Thanks anw.
Maybe they should add a feature so ticktick importer gives a specific error when this happens.
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