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Blind Copy email to Tick Tick inbox - not delivered
(Premium) When I send an email (from Outlook, if it matters) to my Tick Tick Inbox using the "To" address box or the "Cc" address box, the email is delivered as expected. When I send using the "Bcc" box, the email is not delivered to the Tick Tick Inbox (or anywhere else as far as I can determine) and no non-delivery notification is returned to my email client.

In all cases, the email address of the Tick Tick Inbox is picked off my email address book, so there is no possibliity that this is due to an addressing error. I have also tested it several times with different emails.

I would like email to be delivered to the Tick Tick Inbox regardless of whether it is sent using "To", "Cc" or "Bcc".

Is this behaviour deliberate? (If so, could you please explain why it works like this?) Is there an option, or any other way I can change it?

If it's something to do with anti-spam protection, I'd like to be able to whitelist my "From" address (and perhaps a handful of others). I'm happy for anything else Bcc'd to my Inbox to be discarded, as it wouldn't be from me.
Sorry, James. Currently, Bcc is not applied in this feature yet due to some technical constraints. Your request will be noted down, but may not be implemented in the short term.
I would say 50%+ of my tasks are initiated by outgoing emails. Putting the todo email that is visible to the customer or having to resend from my sent box is not ideal.

I started looking at other apps to see how emails are handled. That is the level of importance. The rest of the software is right in line with the flexibility and level of organization needed.I am happy with the product other than this gap.

I will work around with the sent box solution for now but hope you are able to put something in the works.
Seems to be working now when I use BCC. All is right in my ticktick world. I do use the and not the ticktick specific address.
Aaron - thanks for the info. I shall re-test, starting with some friendly addresses, then getting bolder if it looks good.

BTW - I absolutely agree about outgoing email being the first place a new task shows up in my world.It happens in a huge number of cases. Email => Promise => Task, or Email => Request => Waiting For (Task)
Just tested OK for me now as well.
BCC works again.
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