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Problem in typing Korean when adding an item on the calendar view

I have a small problem when I type in Korean when I try to add a task directly in the calendar.
To type a Korean character with a keyboard, we need to type at least two key inputs and some special characters require 5 key inputs. For example, '가' is one of the former case and '읡' is one of the latter case, and their key input streams are equivalent with, when I type in Qwerty, 'rk' and 'dmlfr', respectively.

I would like to go on to the specific problematic examples.
If I click a vacant area in the calendar view and type in Korean in to the title field of new task window, for example, '가' and press the enter key, then no task is added. Ticktick does not recognize the character '가' as a complete one. It is wating for additional key input to be a complete one. But these are both complete characters, '가' and '각', which require key input stream to say in Qwerty-equivalent, 'rk' and 'rkr'. So if I type just '가' and press enter then it should recognize it as a complete character and make a task.
As a workaround, I type '가' and press right arrow key to force make it complete although it is not fit with the general user experiece of Korean users.
Likewise, When I type '각'('rkr') and press enter then a task is created with a title '가'('rk'). The last key input is gone.

I hope you could understand my feedback because it might be hard to understand unless you have an experience of using Korean keyboard set.

Hey Minsoo,

Thanks for your detailed descriptions. Could you please provide us a clip and the devs would look into it more clearly?
Hello Carol,

How can I reach you with a video?
Could you please leave an email address or any else?
Sure. You may contact us via
Sent you an email. Please have a look.
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