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No Sub-Sub Tasks?

I just moved from Todoist- because they had pretty terrible list views/sorting abilities when it came to tasks and projects. Tick Tick solved that awesomely.

But now upon starting a relatively segmented project- Tick Tick doesn't have the subtask ability of Todoist- meaning- the following is impossible:

The moment I create the subtasks
-Clarify Needs for Crew
-Confirm w. Rental House

I can't add anything to them.

Ideally, I could do this.

Work Folder
---> Work Project
------> Finalize Equipment for Shoot
---------> Clarify needs with Crew
----------------> Contact James
----------------> Contact Michael
---------> Confirm w/ Rental House
--------------> Get COI
--------------> Fill out Credit Card Form

What is your suggestions to solve this problem?

I've just purchased Tick Tick premium, but considering I have very complex and intensive projects that require multiple task items to accomplish something, I need this versatility- and if there is no way Tick Tick offers it in the near future, I intend to leave the platform.

Any advice would be very helpful.
For the record, I do see forums discussing this going back to 2015- is there a reason Tick Tick has decided to not provide this feature?
Hey Bas,

Unfortunately, to support this function is not in our plan. In fact, subtasks are more like checklists in TickTick. The team is not planning on adding more functionality to them.
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