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Dock/menu bar counter overcounting
For the last couple days the badge on the dock icon and menu bar has not had the right number on it when set to “Today and Overdue” mode (33 instead of 12). On “today” mode it’s better but still overcounting (14 instead of 12). I tried doing a full uninstall and reinstall of ticktick, restarting my computer, and more, but nothing seems to change this.

I don’t think this is a simple syncing/my not seeing something error because the “today” list only has 12 on my mac, the iPhone badge is correct, and I went back in the monthly calendar and nothing was in there. Any advice or help would be appreciated!
Hey Chris,

Could you please go to System Preferences > Notifications > TickTick > reset it > relog into TickTick and see if the issue can be resolved?
Hi Carol,
Thanks for the help. I tried disabling all TickTick notifications (there was no “reset” button that I could see, but I turned all of them off through system preferences like you showed), and then signed out and back into ticktick, and then re-enabled notifications through the in-app settings and then system preferences. Unfortunately both the upper menu bar icon and dock bar icon are still too high, by about the same amount they were before. It’s like I have some invisible tasks that my computer is counting that don’t show up anywhere else.

I’m happy to try out any other ideas you have!

This is odd. The devs will take a further look into it. Will get you updated if we figure it out.
Thanks for the help! Let me know if sending any info/stats would be useful.
Sure! Some screenshots of the list task counts would be great.
Sounds good, here are some screenshots showing the dock and menu bar counts with the lists, my settings, and the web interface being totally fine (as is my iPhone app/dock counter on my iPhone). dock/menu bar counter settings menu bar window web

In these images, both the dock and menu bar counters show 28, while the today view is actually 4. If I say “overdue” (based on time or date) I get 25, when it should be 1, and if I say “today”, I get 3 (which is correct). While I’ve had this issue, the “today” setting has occasionally been off too, but always just a few off (while there seem to be ~24 invisible overdue tasks).

All of this has to do with the subtask syncing not working, which I’ve reported on before. If I click “hide subtask” on the today view, both counters become correct (I just discovered this). So this does align with a larger problem that I’ve experienced before, of changed subtask deadlines not properly pushing between ios/mac/cloud.
I have the same issue and also did the same things as Chris did (reinstall, reload, reset notification, etc), but nothing helped

Here are some screenshots:

Task number in Dock and in the sidebar -
Settings -

And also if I'm choosing Hide Subtask the numbers become correct
Hello! It seems that I've just noticed that thing is definitely in the subtasks.

Today the task count both on the sidebar and in Dock was the same (12). But when I marked one of the subtasks as completed, in the sidebar task count decreased to 11, and in Dock, it remained the same - 12
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