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New phone stops responding with TickTick notifications
I've just got a new Samsung Galazy S10. It's working fine, but when I have a notification from TickTick in the Notifications bar, the whole phone slows down and I have to wait about 5-10 seconds before the phone will allow me to do anything. How can this be resolved without me having to stop notifications coming from TickTick?
I have exact same problem, and I'm sure there are some others with this issue as well. Oh, before I'm blamed for using a slow phone, let me tell the developer it's a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with 8G of ram.

I use ticktick a lot and I love it, but this lag has forced me to look into alternatives. Please help to solve this issue. This issue was present even on my earlier phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So it's not just this one device
Hey there,

Could you please reproduce the issue and send a log to us through Settings > Help Center > Send Feedback and we would look into the log.
I have emailed you the log file
I have emailed the log file as well! I hope this issue can be fixed as soon as possible!
Hi Carol, any update?
Hey guys,

Sorry for missing out the log email! Could you please send it again with the specific issue description attached. Otherwise, the support might sort it into the Trash. Sorry for the inconvenience!
But I got the following reply by email:

Ok, thanks! The devs have fixed the lag problem in the newest version. Could you please check it and see if the issue get resolved?

TickTick Team

Above reply is 3 days ago, but until now I don't see an update on Google Play store. I will give my feedback here after updating. Thanks
Essentially, once you have TickTick running and you get a notification from TickTick, when you next go to check in the notifications bar or trying to use the Task Bar at the bottom of the phone, neither will work and you have to wait between 3 to 30 seconds before those functions are returned.
The only way to prevent the problem occuring is to Force Stop TickTick, which means you don't get notifications until you re-launch it and then the problem returns.
There is still no app update on Google Play store. I don't even know if this problem is fixed.
Hey there,

We guess there is some confusion here. Are you referring to the lag in the calendar view OR the notifications? The lag in the calendar view has been fixed in the latest version already.
No, it's the notifications that cause the System UI to freeze up. It only stops when I Force Stop TickTick.
Hi Carol,

I just emailed the log and added link of this forum.
Same issue me mentioned by someone else here
It's August 2020 and problem hasn't been fixed. Please help.
This issue seems to only happen with Samsung phones. I've tested it with Pixel 3a, Surface Duo and it doesn't lag. Then I used a Galaxy Fold and it lags. I also used a Galaxy S8 and it lags. Seems to be specific to Samsung devices. Maybe it doesn't play well with this reminder.

As mentioned above, this happens when you complete a pop-up task or snooze it and it only happens if you are signed in for some reason.
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