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Text / Graphics look pixelated on latest update -Version: 3.2.10 (110)
Hey all,

I just updated to the latest TickTick release & straight away noticed things didn't look as nice. Fonts are very pixellated and rough. The Title Bar Buttons (Close, Minimize and Zoom) are also of no colour until I move my mouse over them, but maybe thats a design choice.

I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

27-inch (2560 x 1440)

Also, when typing dates (today, tomorrow etc) in to a task as, the text is no longer changing colour to denote that the text has been parsed in to a date. Very annoying.
Hey Robert,

Currently, Natural language parsing is not supported for the existing tasks.

About the first issue you mentioned above, could you please offer us a screenshot?

1) This isn't in existing tasks. If I type a new task with a date (e.g. tomorrow) the word tomorrow stays in black text but the date icon changes colour to denote it has been parsed. It formerly used to change the 'tomorrow' to a different colour to show it had been parsed.

2) How do I add a screenshot?
Hey Robert,

Could you please check if you choose the "Remove text in tasks"? You may contact us via with the attachments.
That is checked. None of my settings have changed. The user interface has.

I have made a screen recording here -

You can also see how bad the text looks (such as 'Remove Text in Tasks' on the settings page)
Screenshot here to show how bad the text looks more clearly -
Could you please clarify your display screen resolution?
That was in my original message
Ok, the devs will look into it asap.
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